Laxsri helps companies make the critical and integrated decisions necessary to achieve business goals in a complex and uncertain world.

Corporate Strategy

Multi-business companies face a constant challenge to demonstrate their value as a corporate parent and ensure that business units perform better together than as standalone organizations.

Business Unit strategy

With the marketplace moving at an unprecedented pace, business leaders need to attune themselves to shifts in customer behaviour and changing competitive dynamics. These shifts take place at the level of business units which cater to distinct customer groups and compete with a unique set of competitors.

India Entry strategy

India’s vast and largely untapped consumer base has attracted the attention of businesses from around the world. However, even in a rapidly developing economy such as India’s, there are no automatic guarantees of success.

Growth strategy

In mature or emerging industries alike, Indian leaders are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to scale-up and expand their business. There are multiple paths to growth. Companies can increase their share in existing segments, venture into new market spaces, or conquer new geographies.

Organization design

Good strategies often fail to transfer from the boardroom to the frontline because an organization lacks the right structures and decision making processes. At LAXSRI we believe that strategic and organisational decisions are two sides of the same coin. Once the goals have been set for a business, the results will be driven by people and how they collaborate.