Supporting executives in making the right investment decisions, raising finance, and turning around under-performing businesses.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions are a vehicle to advance the ambitions of a business. From fast-tracking growth to entering new markets, M&A serves a number of purposes for business leaders. LAXSRI advises clients throughout this process, from formulating the M&A strategy, to conducting the due diligence, and supporting the post-merger integration. At each step we combine a deep understanding of strategy, finance and industry to ensure that an acquisition delivers lasting value to our clients.

Growth Financing

Exploiting growth opportunities often requires substantial investment. Where internal accruals are not sufficient to fund expansion, LAXSRI can help in securing external finance for growth. We start the process by defining the aspirations of the client in terms of the market space they want to grow in and the level of growth they are looking to achieve.

Investment Assessment

Making the right call on major decisions about internal capital expenditure is crucial to achieving profitable returns. This can relate to investments for expansion, improvement or replacement. LAXSRI helps clients develop a range of alternative options, forecast the return on invested capital, and weigh up the pros and cons of each option.


Businesses get into financial distress when their debts and other liabilities have reached alarming levels and their cash flows do not allow them to meet repayments. In such scenarios, LAXSRI provides immediate intervention to stabilize the situation before setting the business on the path to long-term recovery.