Delivering better value through brands, products, pricing and channels based on unique customer insights and proprietary tools.

Marketing strategy

The increasing number of choices available to consumers has put pressure on businesses to better understand customer needs and design offerings which both appeal to their target customers and create value for the company.


We believe branding is about making promises to your customers and delivering on them. We work with clients to develop strategies that can translate these promises into the right brand experiences at every customer touch point. As part of our work we help clients establish their brands’ positioning and personality, create the right brand architecture, and successfully manage their brand portfolio.

Customer insight

We believe conventional market research is no longer effective. Companies need to get into the minds of their customers to understand their thinking and behavior. Genuine customer insights help a company align its offering with the real market needs and revitalize their marketing effectiveness.

Channel management

We believe that the proliferation of channels and the migration to new channels are two transformational phenomena with profound implications for how companies do business. They are creating opportunities to access new markets and customers, at the same time as reducing the costs of distribution. However, these changes are not without their challenges.