Supporting businesses in identifying improvement areas and building solutions to reach a leadership position.

Performance Diagnostic

Any business that wants to improve performance must first take stock of where they stand today and accurately diagnose the causes of below-par performance. LAXSRI’s performance diagnostic tool objectively assesses a business on the most relevant strategic, financial and operational parameters.

Cash & Capital Management

Freeing up cash and deploying it effectively enables businesses to achieve higher returns on their invested capital and avoid liquidity crises. LAXSRI helps firms with strong balance sheets identify under-performing business areas and reallocate capital more efficiently.

Cost Management

We regard achieving and maintaining a cost advantage as a key element in obtaining a winning position. On the one hand improved margins achieved by cost reduction can be used to attract or retain customers through more competitive pricing. On the other hand they can be invested in enhancing the company’s capabilities.

Business Process Redesign

The advantages of a process centric approach are widely recognized in driving organizations forward however, many companies still think and work along the lines of functional boundaries, resulting in a ‘silo mentality’. The mindset to work in functional silos can result in dissatisfied customers, bloated organizations, high inventories, delays and poor service levels.

Performance Dashboard

Businesses often go off-track in achieving their objectives because they don’t identify the right performance metrics and track their progress. We work with our clients to address this risk by translating their goals into performance metrics through a process of ‘success mapping’.